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Two friends are shopping for a picnic at the market. We learn how to buy certain quantities of different foods. Shows a typical market scene in France and touches on the multicultural aspects of living in France.
This clip is from:
Vingt Minutes
First broadcast:
30 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

Can be used to revise food vocabulary, quantities and the days of the week,. Useful for comparing the use of le/la/l’/les with du/de la/de l’/des, and to explain that du/de la/de l’/des change to de/d’ after a quantity.

Students could work in pairs and practise shopping for food: first asking for things using du/de la/de l’/des, and then replacing these with quantities such as ‘un kilo de’, ‘500 grammes de’ etc. Then they could use the same products, but this time say that they like or prefer them, using le/la/l’/les. Examples could be put on the board, (e.g. ‘je voudrais du fromage’ or ‘j’aime le fromage’) to show the difference between them.

Students could also revise the days of the week and then write a short diary entry for each day.

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