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A look at how blackbirds cope with the changing of the seasons. The clip starts with the presenter noticing that a male blackbird is singing to try to attract a female. He then notices that the female is collecting twigs and grass to build a nest. Two weeks later, he looks into the nest to see four chicks with their beaks open, waiting to be fed. He notices the male on the grass listening for worms. In the summer, the birds leave the nest and in the autumn, only the male is left in the garden. In the winter, the presenter describes how hard it is for birds to find food. He also builds a bird table to help the birds. We then hear the blackbird singing as spring arrives once more.
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26 September 2007

Classroom Ideas

Could be used as a stimulus to children investigating changes in their own environment. Pupils could make observations and drawings throughout the year and compare with the clip as the seasons change, identifying similarities with the clip and differences. A webcam could be set up to monitor the changing seasons outside. The footage could be edited to show how the seasons change in their own environment.

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