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A demonstration of how deadly the teeth of troodon, mapusaurus and spinosaurus would have been. Join presenter Jem in the workshop as he gives some background information to each of these dinosaurs and then tests replicas of their teeth to see how efficient they would have been at piercing and tearing through the flesh of their prey. Discover that the largest teeth weren't always the most effective 'rippers' and find out why spinosaurus had to rely on its claws to finish of its prey.
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8 February 2012

Classroom Ideas

Could be used as a basis for discussion into forces and the stimulus for similar experiments into friction. The children could try to answer the following question: does friction (tooth size and shape) affect the pull required to remove an object from the dinosaur's jaw? (Downward force would remain constant). Children could clamp a piece of leather/thick fabric between 'dinosaur jaws' and measure the pull needed to remove this object based on test variables. Forces can be measured and converted to grams before making comparisons and drawing conclusions.