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What if the world as we know it ended? Would the younger generation be able to construct a new world, better than the one we have? Through a process of discussion and debate, 20 young people shape and create a new society. They thrash out the place of politics and government, the question of sharing resources fairly and questions about spiritual and religious life in society. They choose between anarchy, authority and democracy, debate enterprise and equality and consider whether no religion, one religion or many religions are best for the human community. The 20 participants include Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Hindus as well as some agnostics and atheists.
This clip is from:
KS4 Curriculum Bites
First broadcast:
19 September 2007

Classroom Ideas

Students could be given ballot papers before the start of the clip. The students should listen carefully to the arguments in the clip and jot down the ones they think are well argued and which they agree with. At the end everyone is to sit quietly and decide what they feel about the issue. The class should continue the debate from where the clip stopped. Finally they should vote for or against having religion in the new world. These can be put up on a wall as a bar chart representing the views of the class.