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Dancers trained in the classical Indian dance forms of Kathak and Bharatanatyam describe the movement ideas they need to learn to perfect the classical technique. The dancers perform in traditional costume, accompanied by instrumental and vocal music. They share their views on the commitment it takes to become a classical Indian dancer and the importance of upholding their rich cultural traditions. They describe the expressive qualities in the hand movements and facial expressions, performing sequences of the dance in traditional costume embellished with jewellery and body art. Young people performing Bhangra and Bollywood modern dance routines explore the influences of Western culture on traditional styles.
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5 February 2010

Classroom Ideas

This clip can be used to look at a number of different styles of dances within one culture. Explain to the children that some dances are very traditional and some are very modern. Blending the two is called fusion. Watch the clip and allow the children to talk about and identify the traditional dances and the more modern. Ask the children to think of two types of dancing that could be 'fused' together. Take suggestions and ask the children how this would look and what types of music would be needed.

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