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An introduction to growing banana plants in Jamaica, including plant care and harvesting. Bananas form under a large purple flower on the plant. A bunch of young bananas is called a hand while the individual small bananas are known as fingers. Plastic bags are used to cover the bananas and keep off insects and birds as the fruit grows. After the bananas are harvested the fully grown plants are chopped down to make way for the new shoots to grow and produce more bananas.
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18 September 2007

Classroom Ideas

Could be used to introduce the children to the main stages of a plant's life cycle. After watching the clip, the children could identify the main parts of the banana plant - flower, fruit, leaves, new shoots. The pupils could put the stages in order, showing how the cycle starts again after the harvesting of the fruit. Further examples could be explained and discussed such as apples, oranges and so on.

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