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A boy introduces us to his friends and his town. He shows us the police station, the square, the statue, the cinema, the cafe, the port, the tourist office, the market, the cathedral, the supermarket and shops.
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30 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

During an initial viewing of the clip, the class might have a jumbled list of places in the town which they would number in the correct chronological order; le port/la statue/le café/les magasins/la place/le McDo/un cinema/le supermarché/l’office de tourisme/la cathédrale.

The class could then watch the clip again, this time they could be asked to find the French phrases for: ‘do you want to do a tour of the town?’, ‘here are my friends’, ‘there are lots of tourists’, ‘see you soon’, and, ‘do you like my town?’.

Using a dictionary, students could then find out the French words for ten further places in their own town. The creative task would be to produce either a PowerPoint or tourist brochure introducing their own town.

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