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Jacob lives in Bridgwater near Bristol, and is a keen sea cadet. Every year, he and his friends celebrate Remembrance Sunday, and they discuss what this day means. Jacob and his group of sea cadets practise using dinghies in Bridgwater harbour. It is November, and prior to the town's Remembrance Day parade, he and his friends attend a workshop. Most have family who have fought in the First or Second World War and they show mementoes of them. At the parade, the cadets join the service people remembering the dead, including those who have died in recent conflicts. Jacob thinks joining the Navy will be a good job to aim for.
First broadcast:
15 March 2010

Classroom Ideas

You could consider with the class the kind of things Jacob gets to do as a sea cadet. Does anyone know someone who is a sea cadet? Invite the children to share something about the organisations, groups or clubs they belong to. Children could bring in their badges (for example from Brownies) or certificates or trophies for a show and tell session and respond to questions from their peers. Reflect with the children on the range of opportunities that they have and the things they are learning. Consider any ways in which they are learning how to help other people through their group. You could explore Remembrance Day with the class, checking understanding, and invite children to share ways in which their group or club marks out this day. Ask what we do in school for Remembrance Day. Consider why it is important to remember brave things that people have done for others, including giving up their lives.

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