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The arguments for and against a minimum wage are outlined in a new item covering the introduction of the minimum wage in 1999. The equestrian industry traditionally paid low wages but combined this with training and riding experience. Many stables were therefore opposed to the introduction of the minimum wage. The boss of a travel firm expresses his opinion in favour of the minimum wage. He feels that looking after staff and paying them a decent wage is one of the basics of running a business. Some argue that a minimum wage would result in job losses, while others believe an increase in pay could lead to a loss of benefits for some people.
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26 October 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip looks at the introduction of the minimum wage in 1999 and should therefore be put in the context of the period it was made. Why do students think a national minimum wage was first introduced? Do they think the worries about it causing unemployment came true? Students could also discuss whether the minimum wage helped to reduce the number of people on benefits. They could also guess at what the rate of the minimum wage is now before looking it up to see if they were right? Would they be willing to work in a job that paid the minimum wage?

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