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Creative Director Paul Eastwood explains the importance of music and sound in TV commercials, illustrated further by the work of composer Paul Hart. Adverts are often overheard rather than seen, and music can be used to relax or stimulate the viewer. Paul Hart composes a demo track at the piano, moving rapidly through different moods. He adds sound effects produced on temple blocks. He finds sounds to highlight points in the narrative. The effects fall on the beat to help them integrate into the musical structure. Synthesiser layers are added to fill out the texture. Following some market research, a final version is recorded using an ensemble of professional musicians.
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5 October 1992

Classroom Ideas

After watching the clip do a music advert quiz with the students. Ask them to name the product that was advertised and explain how the music has been written to suit the product being advertised. Give students a TV advert clip or a piece of narrative and ask them to compose a piece of music to accompany it.

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