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Cologne lies in the German region of North Rhine Westfalia. It is famous for the river Rhine, the Christmas markets and the cathedral. Many tourists visit each year. The Rhine runs through Cologne and the city is very prone to flooding, so has developed some sophisticated flood defences.

Nine-year-old Niklas shows us what life is like in this city as he watches the river barges sail past, laden with cargo from the North Sea ports. Cologne is situated on both sides of the Rhine and is dependent on bridges to keep the city alive and moving.
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30 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

Children can research which country Cologne is in and which continent it is a part of. The children could investigate which countries the Rhine river flows through and plot the features of the river. The children could identify key physical and human features in this area. They could also look at transport in that area. What is Cologne famous for? Children could write a brochure informing others of good sites, activities and places of interest.

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