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Using three different images collected from different holidays, see how to combine them to make one stand-up 3D postcard. This is a simple and effective activity for all age groups and useful for a range of purposes.
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5 March 2010

Classroom Ideas

The clip provides quick and simple yet versatile introduction to 3D design for young children. This 3D postcard can be used to simply combine different images into a mini 3D scenario. Ideally suited to topic work (as well as a simple art activity in its own right if preferred) children can illustrate their understanding of a topic by choosing and presenting key topic images in this format. These could be, for example, rainforest plants and creatures, equipment needed for cooking, or the characters and scenery from a story. Images could be drawn by the children or supplied by the teacher as appropriate for the age-range. Using basic and readily available materials, this makes an excellent and novel form of display and can be adapted to almost any subject, topic or theme. Consecutive designs could be displayed alongside each other to create a storyline, sequence of designs or show progression of understanding.