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The Qur'an does not ignore war, but Muslims may only use force when the practice of their faith is threatened. Muslims use the word Jihad to mean ‘a struggle’ or ‘striving against evil’. But, Jihad also has a deeper, more personal meaning for Muslims; it can refer to an internal struggle to find peace based on the guidance of the Qur'an.
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8 March 1996

Classroom Ideas

The Muslim voices here express the idea of Jihad in terms of an inner struggle towards peace. Students could research references to Jihad in newspapers and work out what they mean by the word. They could reflect on whether there is a difference between the insider view and the non-Muslim view, and why this is the case. What could Muslims do to get their message of peace across?

Use this clip in a lesson on the media portrayal of religion and in particular Jihad. Use newspaper articles and other clips portraying Jihad as terrorism, and contrast these with the message in the clip about the difference between the greater and lesser Jihad. Use these as a stimulus for a discussion on whether or not the media portrayal of religion is fair.