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A look at how IT plays a crucial part in Surrey Fire and Rescue Service's response to any emergency call. From the moment a member of the public reports a fire to the service, IT steps in and plays a crucial role. We find out how people in the control centre use IT and look at the huge information databases compiled by the IT team. These databases can be accessed by firefighters on screens in their fire engine cabs, helping them deal quickly, safely and effectively with emergency situations.
First broadcast:
8 October 2010

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to prompt discussion in the classroom, to answer the following questions: How does IT help people working in an emergency service? What information is helpful for fire-fighters to have at the scene of a fire or a car accident? How does IT provide this? How would the fire service have been different without these IT systems? If you wanted to work for an emergency service, what other jobs might require IT skills?