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Despite only connecting to the internet in 1994, China has more users than any other nation in the world – over 253 million. China's internet is controlled, just like its other media. The government decides what is and what is not suitable for its citizens to view, which raises issues about personal freedom.

Yang Xi Wen's uses her blog to express her feelings about life and what is happening around her. She thinks blogs allow people to show feelings and expressions that they may not reveal in everyday life. However, one of Yang's friends was officially approached and asked to alter his blog after using 'inappropriate language'. Xi Wen states that this isn't generally seen as a major problem, and concludes that the internet is of positive influence and major benefit to the Chinese economy.
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16 October 2009

Classroom Ideas

Use this clip to illustrate, discuss and research the extent to which the internet is controlled in China. Students could also undertake further investigation of other individual freedoms which are controlled by the Chinese government.