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Musician, Julie Dexter, introduces us to the musicians and the instruments that they use in her jazz band. The band features saxophone, piano, double bass and drums. Julie explains how they create different pitch shapes and shares an improvisation.
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21 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip can be used when looking at the pitch of tones and how to create different pitch shapes. You could give the students a simple sound sequence and invite them to change the pitch. The children could follow the example given in the clip and work in pairs with one singing the sound sequence and the other one playing the sequence on an instrument and changing the pitch of it. This could even lead to a simple improvisation exercise. You could also use the clip to look at the instruments used to play jazz music - the saxophone, the piano, the double bass and the drums. You could invite the children to describe the sound and mood they are creating. You could also use this clip to look at 20th century composers such as George Gershwin and his influence on modern jazz.

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