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A girl from Guadaloupe introduces herself by telling us where she is from and what nationality she is. She then introduces other children and asks them where they are from.
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30 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

Could be used as an introduction to countries and nationalities. Initially, the teacher could write all the adjectives of nationality and countries mentioned on the board, and work on cognates, and the fact that a lot of countries are very similar in French and English, and other languages. The teacher could encourage pupils to note differences in the two languages, in particular in terms of punctuation (capital letters needed in English but not in French). This could lead to a dictionary activity where pupils need to find an extra five countries/nationalities each. To add a competition element, pupils could be told they will only score a point for their country if no one else on their table/group of 6 has looked it up, thus encouraging pupils to vary their choices. The teacher could then lead a simple discussion as to why there are two different ways of asking where people are from, so that pupils have a chance to work out the rule by themselves, in order for them to be more likely to remember it. A similar discussion could take place about adjectives in French, in the feminine.

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