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Friends, Joe and Eli, go on a first date to the cinema with Julie and Aamira respectively. They're nervous, excited and show some self-esteem issues.

The date isn't without its problems but will they do it again? Joe isn't interested in a repeat performance, Aamira doubts her parents will allow it, and Eli doesn't know whether his friendship with Joe or his relationship with Aamira is more important.

Extract from drama 'L8R Youngers', exploring the issues faced by a group of young school friends.
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22 March 2010

Classroom Ideas

After watching the clip, the children could begin to discuss how friendships and relationships change as we grow up. The clip could also be used to illustrate how individuals grow up and mature at different rates as they approach puberty by looking at how both Joe and Eli view the date. It could also be used as a prompt to discuss the conflicting feelings and emotions displayed by the characters and how these feelings change during the clip. In particular, the children could be encouraged to discuss their own confidence and self image insecurities and the role friends can play in reassuring each other. Safety issues could also be highlighted by drawing attention to the fact that the girls have not been entirely honest with their parents about their visit to the cinema.