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Street dance crew Beat Breakers perform on the CBBC show Alesha's Street Dance Stars. The performance incorporates many street dance styles including breaking, locking and lopping but focuses mainly on house dance. Throughout the piece the music changes with the styles and this allows the performers to connect more with the work. The group make use of the stage by using different formations to travel and for transitions. The performance gives a good representation of house dance, especially fast footwork, as well as body and chest popping isolations in the third section.
This clip is from:
Street Dance Masterclass
First broadcast:
11 January 2012

Classroom Ideas

This can be used as a stimulus or reference when discussing how to evaluate a performance. Teachers can use the clip to show different actions, space, dynamics and relationships within a dance piece. They could ask groups to look at the performance and identify changes in levels, use of space, change in directions, costumes and music.

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