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Lawrence Stephen Lowry was famous for his industrial prints. To create his images, Lowry only used black, white, red, yellow and blue paints. The portrait of Anne is a famous painting created by Lowry. In this clip the presenter has a go at recreating this picture using crayons and strips of paper. Lowry started with a sketch, then applied his background paint, chose his five colours and used card to draw lines and his hands, paintbrushes and sticks to create the finished work. This clip shows that following instructions is important and that you must make sure you know all the essential things you need before you start.
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9 January 2008

Classroom Ideas

After watching the clip, children could create a list of equipment needed and instructions to recreate paintings in the style of Lowry. They could also research other artists to produce an art book detailing the styles and techniques used. Could also be used as cross curricular writing or part of an Art & Design topic looking at the roles and purposes of artists.

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