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A surprise birthday party is held for Josh and is used to show three examples of words ending in 'ay'. We follow the party as Sophie the presenter highlights the words 'birthday', 'play' and 'spray'.
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26 January 1999

Classroom Ideas

After watching the clip, play a version of musical statues. Display a jumbled up word made from magnetic letters (or written on the board), like this: 'alpy'. Start the music and everybody dances. Choose one dancer to solve the puzzle, rearranging the letters to make a word with 'ay', in this case 'play'. When that happens, stop the music and everyone should freeze. The first person to move will have to solve the next word puzzle you set. Continue with more rounds of musical statues, setting letter puzzles such as 'apy', 'wyaa' and 'yrat' ('pay', 'away' and 'tray'), stopping the music every time a puzzle is solved.

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