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Dela Botri formed the drumming group Hewale Sounds in 1996. Since then they have travelled all over the world to perform and have recorded five albums.

Today they are rehearsing their take on traditional Kpanlogo music of Ghana – singing lyrics in the Ga language from around the capital city Accra. After rehearsals, Dela goes to visit the drum workshop and shows us how drums are made. At the end of the day the drummers meet and sing – call and response - keeping the sounds of Ghana alive as the sun goes down.
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4 March 2010

Classroom Ideas

The children can see how the children's African drums, used in schools, are made. There can be a discussion of musicans making albums, not just pop singers but other genres from other countries too. Using call and response patterning, children can decide on a set rhythm to be played as the call when this is heard and a response can be chosen. This can be done in pairs or small groups too. They could incorporate singing into the performance by putting words to the rhythms chosen. Caribbean work songs could be mentioned like 'Day Oh' or 'Hill an gully rida' - songs traditionally sung to lift the spirits of the workers.