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Zoroastrians in India celebrate at a traditional Parsi wedding. Tradition dictates that Parsis are not allowed to seek converts and weddings are becoming a rare event. Only those born within the faith are true Parsi. This has an impact on the survival of the community, and a wedding between two Parsi believers is therefore a cause for celebration. Presenter Reverend Peter Owen-Jones visits a Parsi wedding in Mumbai, India. He hears about the ancient protection offered to the Parsi by the rulers of Mumbai 1,300 years ago, in exchange for a promise not to seek conversion among Hindus. A wedding service at the Zoroastrian Fire Temple is shown, and the fathers of the couple talk about the inevitable demise of the faith within India.
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16 January 2009

Classroom Ideas

Older students looking at minority faiths represented in the UK can see how Zoroastrianism faces difficulties in India. They could compare the wedding rituals with those in other faiths and consider the symbolism expressed.

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