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Paralympics gold medallist Simon Jackson has been training in judo for 21 years having started at the age of seven. To be a good Olympian or Paralympian you need to train seven days a week. The first thing to learn in judo is how to fall properly as safety is of great importance. A break fall ensures that a player does not get winded. A shoulder throw is demonstrated. You have to practice judo and it takes twenty-five to thirty years to become a good judo player. The only difference between judo at the Olympics and the Paralympics is the start. In the Olympics the players start two metres apart while in the Paralympics they start holding each other.
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17 May 2002

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used as a stimulus for evaluating performance of the shoulder throw. Teachers could use this clip to discuss the key features and techniques to this throw. Discussions could also be prompted in relation to the differences between the Olympic standard of the sport and the Paralympic standard. Questioning could also be used to determine pupils' ideas of how to fall safely.