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Three frogs - big, middle and small, live in an old pond and they love to hop, swim, eat flies and sit on the lily-pads singing. When the water in the pond dried up, the frogs weren't happy, so they set off to find a new pond. Under a garden hedge, they hear water splashing. A new garden pond is being made with everything the frogs need to make them happy and each is counted out by the gardener.
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10 November 2008

Classroom Ideas

This story can be used to demonstrate to children how to sequence events in preparation for formulating an instructions text. Key vocabulary can be gathered from the first section of the clip and by using drama techniques, such as hot seating. With the teacher in role as one of the frogs, the children can ask questions as to why they were not happy at the dried up pond and why they moved away. From this, the children will build up a word bank that can be used in writing. Using the second part of the clip, the children can plan their writing by identifying the stages in making a frog-friendly pond and can use this as a basis for writing a set of instructions.

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