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How the Koran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad and how it outlines what Muslims believe about Allah. It defines the meaning of Tawhid and comments on its centrality to Islam.
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1 March 1996

Classroom Ideas

This clip is useful for students to understand the concept of Tawhid. Students could create a mnemonic or an acrostic as an aide memoire on the oneness and attributes of Allah. They should then apply these attributes to show how they are apparent in the beauty of the world, in the Koran and in the day to day life of Muslims. Ask students to draw a spider diagram with a picture of themselves at the centre and a list of their interests, weekly activities, hopes and fears. Given the description of Allah in this clip, the students should highlight the areas of everyday Muslim life that Allah would be interested in. Can they think of any areas outside the concern of the Creator and Cherisher of All?

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