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Historians have presumed that Wallace was the son of Sir Malcolm Wallace of Elderslie and was born in Ayrshire. The basis for this was a poem written 150 years after the time of Wallace by a minstrel called Blind Harry. Examination of the seal which was sent on a letter to Lubeck after the battle of Stirling Bridge named Wallace's real father as Allan Wallace, a royal tenant living in Ayrshire at that time.
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26 September 2008

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used in the classroom when completing a biography of William Wallace. Use as a stimulus clip to consider if other historical 'facts' could be incorrect. Archaeologists must use the artefacts they have carefully. Can all historical artefacts be trusted? Children could create a list of artefacts which may or not be trusted. Useful as a stimulus to further research William Wallace and his significance for the Scottish Wars of Independence.