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Adherents of the little-known Alevi faith gather for worship in Istanbul, Turkey. Presenter Reverend Peter Owen-Jones finds out about the Alevi faith, a religion followed by around 20 million people in Turkey. A mixture of pre-Islamic folk religion with some features from Shia Islam and Christianity, this group is little known even within Turkey and has suffered persecution for many years. We see a worship service as men and women gather together in a house, and hear from a young woman about the difficulty of admitting openly to her faith. We also observe the meditative Dance of the Crane sung by an Alevi.
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16 January 2009

Classroom Ideas

Older students might look at this as they consider the diversity of religions and how some faiths grow out of others. They could identify four reasons why people would maintain their commitment to this group, even when surrounded by suspicion or even hostility. What benefits do people gain from such religious communities?