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Are wind farms a good idea? The clip begins with a short interview with a local campaigner who successfully stopped an onshore wind farm development in his community. An RSPB spokesman then explains how they work with energy companies to minimise the impact of wind farms on birds. A young journalist also speaks about the impact the Black Law wind farm in Scotland had on the local rural community.
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2 March 2007

Classroom Ideas

Divide the class into groups, each of which researches an electricity generating technology. They should investigate the pros and cons of each system in terms of efficiency, local and national impact. In each case, students should consider the sources of their information and consider whether the data is accurate and fair, or if it is coloured by bias.
Two extra points to consider are scale and location. Are there efficiencies of scale that would encourage them to use larger wind turbines, solar arrays or hydro schemes, or would the larger impact of big installations outweigh these? What are the costs and benefits of micro-generation? Distances between generation and where the electricity will be used should be looked at in terms of transmission efficiency.

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