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Canterbury is not well known for its Roman ruins. However, archaeologists have found evidence of a Roman town just a few metres under the surface. They have uncovered evidence of a Roman theatre, market place and public houses. Three large Roman mosaics have also been discovered but are too large to excavate, and so have been incorporated into a museum in the high street.
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4 June 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to assist cross ability groups working together. The class could be divided into 4 or 5, each group having a part of a Roman town to create. For example, the town could consist of the market place, theatre, temple and homes. The groups would have to discover and re-tell what they would expect to see and what happens in each part of the town using all their 5 senses. Then each group could take it in turns to visit the other parts of their Roman town. The pupils of the town could present their part of town to the rest of the class.

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