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Zic Zazou is a group that comprises nine musicians who make music from everyday objects. They play the chime for Big Ben using pots and coins. The pitch of glasses and bottles are altered by adding water, and table legs are turned into flutes. Zic Zazou perform 'The Red Balloon' on their unusual collection of percussion instruments.
Primary Class Clips
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Primary Class Clips, Music
First broadcast:
5 October 2010

Classroom Ideas

Children could explore the school grounds for sounds that produce different pitches. They could take a sound recorder to make a recording of their sounds. These could be programmed into a sequencer and they could be used to compose a layered sequence piece of music. They could also use everyday objects brought in from home to produce a composition. Homemade instruments could also be used to enhance a composition. Children should look for objects that produce different pitches as well as sound effects.

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