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The tension between Elizabeth and Mr Darcy is illustrated during their meeting at his aunt's house. Elizabeth assumes that Mr Darcy's interest in her is hostile, she affirms her status as Mr Darcy's equal with her witty and intelligent remarks.
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16 February 2008

Classroom Ideas

Can be used to help students explore the relationship between the two characters. Students could be asked to work on a TV adaptation, looking at chapter 31, they could reduce this to five minutes of screen time, so each character will have a small number of lines and just two or three actions. They make their choices (what are the most important quotes?) and then present their summaries as a storyboard. The students then watch the clip and reflect on what choices the director and screenwriter have made. How is their relationship presented? Who is in control and not in control? What do they actually mean or feel by their words? What do their actions suggest? Students can then explore how the words they use have different meanings or are like codes for other meanings (they can write sub-titles for the scene as another way of exploring this).

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