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A song about the 'monsters' or construction vehicles, on a building site, including actions for each part of the song.

Key sound words are used to create effect, eg stomping, rumbling, clanging, drilling and beeping are all used to describe the sounds created by the vehicles.

Appropriate actions are given for each part of the song.
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1 December 1998

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used as a warm up or ice-breaker activity for younger children. Invite the children to sing along with the clip and join in with the movements describing construction vehicles on a building site. Perhaps ask the children to list the constructions vehicles they know and play the part of them. You could hand out instruments and objects made of different materials and invite the children to find the sounds which best express the nature of their vehicle. Which instrument produces the best stomping, rumbling, clanging, drilling or beeping sound? Play the clip again and ask the children to play their instruments to the song.

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