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A live criminal justice case based on a Joint Enterprise crime committed by a teenager, with all parts played by teenagers. The young people are introduced who will play Defence and Prosecution barristers in the case “Queen Vs Sales”, live at the Old Bailey. We then hear from the barrister mentors who will help the Prosecution and Defence team. There is an overview of the judge and the courtroom, who sits where and who does what. This is followed by a dramatic reconstruction of the crime, setting out the case by the court clerk, swearing in the Jury and the Prosecution's opening statement.
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24 May 2012

Classroom Ideas

Prior to watching the clip, pupils could be asked to draw and label a courtroom in a crown court. Pupils could then add to and change their courtroom whilst watching the clip. Pupils could then be asked to draw their courtroom again, changing anything about the process they feel could be improved. How do courtrooms differ in other courts, such as in county, magistrates and juvenile courts?