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An explanation of the importance of the family in Islam, including the foundational role of the mother. It looks at a multicultural Elderly Care Centre in Glasgow and how this project reflects Muslim values and promotes tolerance.
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22 March 1996

Classroom Ideas

Show the clip once without sound and ask pupils what they think it might be about. During the second showing, pause the clip at any point where there is a scene including several elderly people. Ask pupils what might be being said or thought by any individual. "What might have happened in these people's day before the scene and after it?" Pupils could create their own freeze-frame in groups, based on the clip, to show how religious people care for the elderly. Discuss how all religions' Holy books honour the elderly: King David died old and full of years for example. Moses was 80 when God started to use him at the burning bush. The book of Hebrews in the New Testament records how all the 'Heroes of the Faith' were 'still living by faith when they died.'

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