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Amy, Jez and Max are the Katz, a band that’s going places. They make £1500 but argue about what they should do with the money. Amy wants to save for a rainy day, Jez wants to spend it, but Max reminds them that they had promised to help out a struggling band at their old school. They finally agree on a plan, but then things go wrong and the band’s future is threatened.
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22 March 2011

Classroom Ideas

Before watching the clip, the children could be asked to discuss their own experiences of spending and saving money by talking about whether they get pocket money, what they spend it on and what they do if they want to buy a bigger, more expensive item. This would encourage the children to think about their own responsibilities regarding money. Half way through, the clip could be paused to allow the children time to consider what they think the band should do with their cash before watching the remaining part of the clip and finding out what Amy proposes. The children's responses to this question could then be reviewed at the end of the clip; allowing them time to consider the implications of the choices they made.

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