Section 13: Re-Use and Reversioning

Accuracy Issues

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  1. News and Factual Programmes


We should be aware that material we plan to re-use or reversion may have become out of date, inaccurate or inappropriate for other reasons.  Where necessary to achieve due accuracy, it should be labelled and/or dated.

Care must be taken over the release of content containing information which new research has revealed to be inaccurate, such as medical information or advice which, if followed, may put people's health at risk.  Where appropriate, the use of context and content information (including, for example, archive branding and labelling) should be considered.

(See Section 3 Accuracy: 3.4.22 - 3.4.24)




We must check programmes being repeated some time after their original transmission to make sure they have not been overtaken by events, such as the known death of a contributor, the charging of an offender, or significant life changes.  In some cases an on-air announcement will be required, in others, the alteration or removal of some material.

(See Section 3 Accuracy: 3.4.25)



News and Factual Programmes


When archive material is used to illustrate a current issue or event it must be clearly labelled if there is any risk of misleading the audience.  We should also be alert to legal issues of, for example, defamation.

We should not use archive material of one event to illustrate another in such a way as to suggest the audience is seeing something it is not.

We should ensure that we do not give a materially misleading impression by illustrating our stories with out of date archive footage, for example of places, people or industrial production processes.



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