Prizes must be described accurately.  They should meet the expectations of the likely audience and must not bring the BBC into disrepute.




We should normally pay for the prizes we offer in BBC public service competitions and aim to offer original, rather than expensive prizes.  Any proposal to offer a prize of significant value must be referred to Editorial Policy.

Prizes for children should be appropriate to the age of the target audience and the competitors, and should normally be modest or rely on 'money can't buy' experiences.

We should not offer cash prizes on BBC public services for viewer, listener and online competitions.  Any proposal to offer a cash prize for a BBC public service game show must be referred to, and approved by, the relevant output controller.  Significant cash prizes must also be approved by Editorial Policy. Cash prizes must never be offered for any children's game show or competition.



Whether a prize has been donated or not we must take care to avoid undue product prominence.

If a BBC public service competition has a range of prizes, there should be a range of brands or suppliers but we should normally avoid offering prizes of branded products or services which are referred to editorially elsewhere in the programme or on the same section of the website.  We should avoid shots of brand logos on-air and online.  We should not normally refer to brand names or give details about the manufacturer or supplier of a prize.

Great care must be taken over the use of BBC commercial products as prizes for BBC public service competitions.  Advice is available from Editorial Policy.

(See Section 14 Editorial Integrity and Independence from External Interests: 14.4.4 - 14.4.5)


Donated Prizes for Viewer, Listener, Online and Multimedia Competitions and Game Shows


Any acceptance of a donated prize for a BBC public service competition or game show must conform to the Framework for Funding Prizes and Awards which is referred to in the Agreement accompanying the BBC Charter.

(See Appendix 4 online: Framework for Funding Prizes and Awards)

In particular:

  • We must never accept cash to pay for prizes
  • We should normally only accept modest donated prizes such as theatre tickets, football tickets, books, CDs or DVDs
  • We should use a wide range of donors over time, to ensure we do not appear to favour any organisation or company
  • Programmes must never give an assurance that there will be an on-air or online credit or link or any publicity in exchange for the donation of a competition prize.

We do not normally accept donated prizes for game shows.  Any proposal to do so must be referred to Editorial Policy.


Prizes for BBC Public Service Charity Competitions


In certain circumstances it may be possible to offer or accept the donation of a substantial prize for a BBC public service charity competition.  Any donation of a substantial prize for a BBC charitable initiative must be referred to Editorial Policy.


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