Appendix 6: Guidelines For BBC Global News Services On External Relationships And Funding

Part A: Funding from BBC Commercial Services, the Open University and Co-Productions

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The BBC Charter and Agreement expressly allows the acceptance of funding from the profits of BBC Worldwide and other BBC commercial services, funding from the Open University for appropriate programming and online services, and co-productions.  All monies received must be reported in the quarterly Fair Trading return.


BBC Commercial Services


For many years, BBC licence fee funded services have benefited from the profits generated by BBC commercial services.  The use of monies from commercial services must be in accordance with the BBC's Fair Trading Guidelines and further advice may be sought from Chief Adviser Fair Trading.


Open University


Funds may be accepted from the Open University for appropriate learning and educational output in line with the Framework Agreement between the Open University and the BBC.




A co-production is where funding is in exchange for broadcasting, publishing or other rights.  Appropriate co-production partners include broadcasters, programme/film distributors, independent producers, record companies, audio visual producers, software and web service producers and institutions involved in arts and education (such as theatres and music companies).



On-air credits for co-productions must be simple and non promotional.  They are normally included in the end credits of programmes.

Online there may be a single non-promotional credit per site for a co-producer which may include the co-producer's logo.  If editorially justifiable there may be a link to the co-producer's site but it is not permissible to link directly to any page whose main purpose is to promote, advertise or sell goods or services.

(See Guidance: Credits and Logos Online)



We should enquire about any funding, sponsorship or promotional agreements co-production partners or independent production companies may have with others, to ensure they do not conflict with the values and standards of the BBC Editorial Guidelines.


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Appendix 6: Guidelines For BBC Global News Services On External Relationships And Funding

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