Appendix 5: Editorial Integrity and Independence from External Interests for BBC Commercial Services

4.1 Advertising and Sponsorship

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  1. Maintaining the Distinction Between Advertising and Editorial Content

Advertising and Sponsorship is a main source of revenue for many of the BBC's commercial services such as television channels and commercial websites. It is also a very important source of revenue for BBC magazines.

All advertising and sponsorship must be conducted in a way that does not undermine the value of the BBC brand. It should be in accordance with the Advertising and Sponsorship Guidelines for BBC Commercial Services. These Guidelines apply to all BBC commercial services and BBC branded products and to any BBC branded service or product incorporated into a third party's commercial service, such as a BBC channel syndicated on a third party website. These BBC Guidelines set out what advertising and sponsorship is acceptable in relation to the BBC brand in order to protect the BBC's global reputation and to ensure that editorial independence is maintained. The Guidelines apply in addition to the relevant advertising regulations in specific territories. In the UK, therefore, they apply in addition to the Advertising Standards Authority CAP or BCAP codes and relevant Ofcom regulation.

Maintaining the Distinction Between Advertising and Editorial Content

BBC Commercial Services must maintain a clear distinction between advertising and editorial content.

There must be no subliminal or surreptitious advertising on any BBC commercial service or in any programme made by a BBC commercial service.

(See Advertising and Sponsorship Guidelines for BBC Commercial Services)

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