Appendix 3: Statement of Policy on Alternative Finance

BBC Policy with Regard to External Relationships.


The BBC is committed to working collaboratively with others to deepen the impact and reach of its programmes, extend creative possibilities and maximise public value. By working with others, and sharing some costs with them, the BBC is able to promote more effectively its Public Purposes as defined in its Charter. By working with partners, the BBC is able to:


  • mount joint initiatives with arts organisations and other bodies which include a range of broadcast and non-broadcast activities;
  • mount major public events, including award ceremonies and concerts given by BBC orchestras, which are broadcast;
  • deliver broadcast services in minority languages, thereby representing more effectively the UK's nations, regions and communities.





There are other areas of BBC activity where it works with partners for example, to offer extensive outreach work in communities for its educational and arts initiatives and to extend the impact of social action programming with off-air support activities to help people deal with their problems.  As these activities are not specifically carried out with the predominant purpose of featuring in or being used to support the creation of BBC output, they are not required by the Charter and Agreement to be included in this statement of policy.




The principles set out in this statement of policy are self-contained, but they are derived from the BBC Editorial Guidelines which apply far more widely than to those activities which fall within the scope of this policy statement as required by the legal framework referred to above and, specifically under Clause 75(5)(d) and (f) (see paragraph 7 above).


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