Polling Day

Created on 22 May 2014

A reminder that today, Thursday 22nd May is polling day across the UK for the European elections and for local government elections in parts of England as well as Northern Ireland.

Please note the following extract from the Election Guidelines:

There will be no coverage of any of the election campaigns on polling day, from 6am until polls close at 10pm on TV, radio or However, online sites will not have to remove archive reports. Coverage will be restricted to factual accounts with nothing which could be construed as influencing the ballots.

Whilst the polls are open, it is a criminal offence to broadcast anything about the way in which people have voted in that election.

No opinion poll on any subject relating to the election may be published until Sunday, when polls have closed throughout Europe.   Please note:  this includes exit polls.

Any queries, please ring Ric Bailey or Phil Abrams

Ric Bailey   07889 852195 / 0208 00 (81805)

Phil Abrams 07768 645342     



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