Editorial Policy Meeting in London - 14th March

Created on 13 Mar 2013

This month’s Editorial Policy Meeting will take place on Thursday 14th March from 11.30am to 12.30pm in the Conference Room (5th Floor), White City.


The agenda will feature the following:

Unattended Camera & Mobile Phone Footage

The widespread presence of CCTV on roads, transport systems, hospitals and schools means it’s nearly impossible to escape surveillance. Meanwhile more and more people are uploading video from their mobiles and webcams onto YouTube. Should this affect the way we consider expectations of privacy in a public place when using mobile phone or CCTV footage from a third party or our own unattended recording devices? Should we pay for mobile phone or CCTV footage and how do we minimise intrusion with our own unattended equipment?

Using a number of examples, the meeting will consider these and other issues. 


Local Election Guidelines  

Local government elections are due to take place on 2nd May 2013 in parts of England and one council (Isle of Anglesey) in Wales. The Election Period begins on 26th March 2013 (00.01).


Although we are not yet in a formal Election Period, we must always apply due impartiality to all our output and take particular care to ensure that any coverage which might influence the way people vote is fair and appropriate. The meeting will consider how we achieve this.


The Election Guidelines are available here.  

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