Editorial Policy Meeting in London - 11:45am Thursday 18th July

Created on 17 Jul 2013

Come to this month’s Editorial Policy Meeting on Thursday 18th July from 11.45am to 12.45pm in the Council Chamber, Broadcasting House.

Up for discussion will be:

References To Skype

As technology develops there are more and more ways in which we can communicate with our audiences – video links like Skype being one of them. Although a recent complaint to the BBC Trust about the use of this brand name in news and factual programmes wasn’t upheld, the Trust did direct us to take care that any mention is always editorially justified. So here's your starter for ten - can we say we’ve doing an interview over Skype? How about asking our audience to contact us via Skype ?

Safeguarding Trust

You may feel you've been there, done the course, got the t-shirt, but even though artifice is a legitimate part of programme making. making sure that we stay on the right side of audience deception is always an imperative. The meeting will examine some recent examples to remind us where to draw the line.


The meeting is open to all within the BBC to attend and take part. You do not need to book.

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