Setting Up Action Lines

Created on 30 Jan 2013

When our programmes cover issues which could affect those watching and lead some to need more advice or information a helpline or additional off-air material is often needed.

Programme makers are reminded to contact BBC Audience Services as early as possible in the production process, whenever they would like to set up an action line or helpline for audiences. This is in order to give enough time to provide a balanced range of appropriate organisations to be researched and contacted about their abilities to plan and cope with increased call volumes.

BBC Audience Services provides off air information to support programmes where the subject matter could generate a significant need for some members of the audience to seek additional information or advice.

An action line can detail relevant help organisations online or by telephone. Audience Services work with these organisations to ensure they can support the volume of enquiries they may receive if mentioned by the BBC – so it is important to make arrangements early to ensure the best possible service is provided.

You can read the Editorial Guidelines on the use of off-air support here:

You can find out more about Action Lines here:


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