Right of Reply

Editorial Guidelines Just a reminder that we have an obligation under Section 7 of the Ofcom Code and Section six of our Editorial Guidelines to seek a response from individuals or organisations who are the subject of significant criticism or allegations of wrongdoing or incompetence. In very rare circumstances where we propose to broadcast a serious allegation without giving those concerned an opportunity to reply, the proposal must be referred to the Director, Editorial Policy and Standards.

Further guidance on Right of Reply can be found here.

Draft Election Guidelines

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The consultation period for Draft Election Guidelines and Draft EU Referendum Guidelines has now closed.  The BBC Trust is in the process of reviewing these Guidelines.  Further information including the draft Guidelines can be found here.


Latest News

  • January Monthly Meeting

    January Monthly Meeting

    We will be discussing the EU referendum in January's meeting.

  • December Monthly Meeting

    December Monthly Meeting

    December's meeting will look at harm and offence before the watershed.

  • Privacy


    The BBC will respect privacy and will not infringe it without good reason, wherever in the world we are operating.

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