election voting paperLocal government elections take place in parts of England on 3 May 2018. The Election Period begins on 27 March. The draft Election Guidelines can be found here. Any queries, please contact Ric Bailey: ric.bailey@bbc.co.uk

Reporting IS

Pile of Editorial Guidelines

When talking about IS, Editorial Policy advice is that the term Islamic State should be qualified eg “Islamic State group” or “so called Islamic State”, or “self-style Islamic State”, or “Islamic State fighter, militants, extremists” etc. and then as IS in the rest of the bulletin/body of text. Islamist should be used as the adjective to describe extremism linked to groups like this and not Islamic or Islam. We do not use the name Da'esh for IS but we explain it when others use it.

Guidelines on language around terrorism can be found in Sections 11.4.5 and 11.4.6 of the Editorial Guidelines. Specific Guidance can be found here.

Personal use of social media

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Just a reminder that guidance on personal use of social media is available here. This guidance applies to everyone who works for the BBC. 

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