Election Guidelines for May 2017 Local Elections

Directions to UK polling stationThe Election Guidelines for the May elections in Scotland, Wales and England (including six “Combined Local Authority” Mayoral elections) have now been approved and published.  The Election Periods begin from Wednesday 22nd March

You can read the guidelines here.

New Guidance - Reporting Statistics

Editorial Guidelines books


New guidance is available on how to report statistics. Its purpose is to highlight some of the pitfalls and offer guidance on how to interpret and report figures in our output correctly. You can access the guidance here.


Ofcom's latest research on offensive language

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Ofcom recently published its latest research on offensive language. You can find the full report here.

Latest News

  • March Monthly Meeting

    March Monthly Meeting

    Discussion of issues around offensive language and gestures, looking at pre and post watershed content as well as video material on BBC social media sites

  • February Monthly Meeting

    February Monthly Meeting

    Discussion of issues around accuracy and impartiality in a "post-truth" world

  • January Monthly Meeting

    January Monthly Meeting

    Discussion of issues around commercial references in BBC licence fee funded programmes

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