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13 November 2014

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BBC Alba, Air Ghleus

BBC Alba - Air Ghleus

Gaelic from the region

A selection of Gaelic language content from the area, courtesy of BBC Alba. Don't forget there are more resources for you in the Gaelic Language feature. All relevant weblinks are further down the page.

Cruth na Tìre

Cruth na Tìre

Tha measgachadh de làraich-lìn mu iomadh cuspair ri fhaotainn air BBC Alba. Seo taghadh de chuid a tha buntainn ris an sgìre seo.

BBC Alba offers a range of websites covering numerous topics. Listed below are a selection of sites relevant to this region.

Foghlam = Education

Air Ghleus allows pupils to explore Scottish traditional music in a novel and interactive way. (10 – 12 years)

The Highlands, Central Lowlands and Southern Uplands of Scotland are explored in Cruth na Tire. (7 – 9 years)

Làrach nam Bàrd

Làrach nam Bàrd

Làrach nam Bàrd examines the lives and poetry of eleven 20th Century Gaelic poets. (Secondary) 

Ceòl = Music

Tha làrach-lìn "Aig Cridhe Ar Ciùil" a' cruinneachadh còmhla òrain Ghàidhlig -- na facail agus clàraidhean ùra dhiubh bho cuid dhe na seinneadairean as fheàrr a th' againne.

Aig Cridhe Ar Ciùil has a wealth of Gaelic songs, words and new versions, recorded by the cream of Gaelic singers.

Tadhal air tasglann Rapail airson measgachadh de cheòl ùr indie.

Pay a visit to the Rapal archives for the very best in new indie music.



Oi Polloi
Edinburgh punk noiseniks give us a sneaky peek at their forthcoming album.  Listen to the radio session.

Prince Edward Island
This Fife outfit provided one of the most interesting Rapal TV sessions ever.

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You are in: Edinburgh, Fife and East Scotland > People & PLaces > Arts & Culture > Gaelic from the region

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