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13 November 2014
East Midlands Today

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Sarah Teale

Sarah Teale

I started dreaming of becoming a journalist when I was 12.

The reason? I longed to work for Smash Hits magazine and interview George Michael. True!

When the realisation dawned that there was more to journalism than interviewing pop stars I was still interested. I love writing and took up a trainee position on a local paper.

Instead of moving TO the capital, it actually meant moving away from London to a tiny place called Ely in Cambridgeshire. It was a bit of a culture shock I can tell you! I lived around the area for five years before heading to Birmingham for my break into TV.

I worked on Cable news for a year or so doing everything from presenting to reporting (and yes I even got to interview some pop stars!) and once I had learnt what TV was all about I moved to Central News at Nottingham. I enjoyed 10 years presenting and reporting there. And it holds a very special memory for me too.

My first child, Millie, decided to arrive five weeks early… and very nearly appeared on live TV. I was presenting the evening news when I started having labour pains. I finished reading the news (always the professional!) at 6.30pm, dashed to the hospital and she arrived just after 11pm. It's a story she loves to hear! Jamie arrived three years later but in slightly less dramatic fashion!

Back to work and I joined the BBC in 2006 and mix reporting with producing the programme. I've had a fantastic time here and no two days are the same.

Out of work the children keep me pretty busy but I also love dancing. I've been going to Salsa for a couple of years and have just started learning Ballroom too.

1. Best Song Ever: Oh I have loads depending on my mood.

2. Best TV Show Ever: West Wing has been a big hit. I love Desperate Housewives too.

3. Best personal TV moment:  Well I never did get to interview George Michael so it would have to be making it to the end of the news while having contractions.

4. Best place in England: Southwold is just beautiful but there are also some gorgeous beaches in South Wales.

5. Favourite / worst food: Love Italian food. Hate beetroot, coconut and mustard.

6. Favourite / worst drink: Tea (but wine is an easy second!) and I can't think of anything I don’t like much.

7. Favourite / worst animal: I adore hippos and have a fear of spiders.

8. Favourite name for boy / girl: Well I have to go for Millie and Jamie!

9. Favourite sport / least favourite sport: Well taking part it would be dancing (if it counts) but otherwise it would be watching football. I'm not keen on motor racing.

10. Favourite politician / historical figure: Shakespeare

last updated: 13/01/2009 at 09:18
created: 13/01/2009

You are in: East Midlands Today > Features > Sarah Teale

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