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13 November 2014
East Midlands Today

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Geeta Pendse

Geeta Pendse

Geeta Pendse

As a child my mum could take me anywhere and I’d be talking to just about anything – plant, animal or human!

So when it came to choosing a career a journalist seemed like the natural choice.

I started out as an intern on a current affairs show in Hong Kong where I was studying for a year – at the time SARS broke out so there were plenty of news stories around.

I then did a postgrad in Broadcast Journalism in London with a bursary from the BBC.

After that I landed my first job at BBC Breakfast working behind the scenes on the features desk and then moving into news.

Now I’m in the East Midlands and really loving working on the show. I grew-up in Nottingham so its great to be near my family and of course my mums home-cooking!

I love being out and about as well as presenting the breakfast bulletins... though have to set at least two alarms to make sure I'm up in time.

Outside of work I enjoy travelling especially to places that are hot, eating out and relaxing with family and friends.

Geeta Pendse

Geeta Pendse

Top 10 List

1. Best Song Ever - Too hard there's just to many to choose from.

2. Best TV Show Ever: At the moment I would have to say Ugly Betty…

3. Best personal TV moment: Presenting my first bulletin - very scary but exciting at the same time! Also interviewing Josh Hartnett at a film junket... still not quite sure how I strung a sentence together!

4. Best place in England: Wollaton Park, it’s the perfect place to watch the seasons go by.

5. Favourite / worst food: Love Indian, Thai and Italian... Not a fan of beetroot.

6. Favourite / worst drink: A nice cup of tea, my worst drink would be tomato juice.

7. Favourite / worst animal: flamingoes I just think their beautiful and worst would definitely be cockroaches.

8. Favourite name for boy / girl:  Ananya is my niece's name so I'd go for that one and Akash for a boy.

9. Favourite sport / least favourite sport: I love anything in the water so swimming.

10. Favourite politician / historical figure: Nelson Mandela, I'm reading his autobiography at the moment which is very inspiring.

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You are in: East Midlands Today > Presenters > Geeta Pendse

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